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Farsoth is like the plague doctor, the cure for all diseases. They deliver Swedish Old school Death Metal into the casket garden.

Farsoth started out as a one man band by Jari Kuusisto (Carnal Forge, In thy Dreams, Leech, Aeckel) . Shortly after Martin Ågren (drums) and Joakim Mikiver (vocals) both in One Hour Hell decided to join the band. 2 weeks and 9 songs later Martin had second thoughts do to personal reasons and left the band. Jari and Joakim just felt that the songs were to good for not doing anything with and decided that Farsoth was something that they really wanted to continue with. The search for bassist, second guitarist and new drummer started. With alot of friends in the music business the search didn’t take long. Jonas Magnusson bass (facebreaker) and Kristofer Elemyr guitar (Ereb Altor) was contacted and they imidiatley decide to join the band after hearing the songs. The search for the right drummer showed out to be a harder task than anticipated. Several months later the spot still wasn’t filled so Jari decided to contact long time friend Chris Barkensjö (Lik) to help out with the drum recording for the album. Chris listened to the songs and imidiatley said that he would gladly play drums on the 9 songs. Said and done Farsoth now had 9 recorded song but still no permanent drummer. One day in early 2021 Joakim called Jari and said that he had seen a really good drummer named William Parkstam (Diatryma) posting videos on social media and asked Jari to check him out. Both Jari and Joakim felt that William could be what they were searching for and decided to contact him to see if there would be any interest from his side to fill the position as the permanent drummer in Farsoth. 2 songs were sent to William and he really liked what Farsoth had done with the songs. A few weeks later. Farsoths first rehearsal as a full band took place in Williams home town Uppsala. The rest is still to be written.


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releasedate: Oct 28 2022