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Collapsed Minds unleashes Abyss

The echoes from the underground are surfacing, and a new wave of melodic death metal is unfurling its dark, enchanting melodies to the world. Collapsed Minds, a beacon of the genre, has unveiled their newest creation, "Abyss", and it is everything and more that followers of this raw and profound musical style have been waiting for.

Melodic, Groovy, Intense

"Abyss" is a masterful exploration into the juxtaposition of ferocious aggression and hypnotic melodies. Throughout the album, listeners are treated to a seamless blend of intense, thrashing riffs, thunderous percussion, and melodic interludes that serve as both a respite and an enhancement to the overall experience. The album emanates a sense of chaos skillfully restrained by the familiar, grounding presence of groove-laden rhythms.

Highlight: "Viech ausm Woid"

Amidst the compelling tracklist, the hit single "Viech ausm Woid" stands out. The track manages to encapsulate the very essence of Collapsed Minds’ unique style, providing listeners with a catchy yet brutally raw anthem that is both memorable and profoundly impactful. The intriguing mix of melancholic melody and aggressive instrumentation has already begun captivating listeners globally, positioning "Viech ausm Woid" as a keystone within "Abyss".

Artistic Integrity on Vinyl

Available in a classic black vinyl edition, "Abyss" offers an aural experience that melds the timeless, warm, and rich sound of vinyl with the modern intensity and complexity of contemporary melodic death metal. The visual darkness of the black vinyl complements the thematic depths explored throughout the album, making it not just a listening experience, but a holistic journey through the creative consciousness of Collapsed Minds.

Analog Nostalgia: Cassette Release

In addition to the vinyl, "Abyss" can be devoured in a format that has witnessed a nostalgic resurgence – the cassette tape. Housed in Kvlt und Kaos Productions’ celebrated plastic-free cardboard box, this edition is a nod towards both the past and the future – combining the analog warmth and tangible engagement of cassette playback with a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious approach to packaging.

Conclusion: A Sonic Exploration

With "Abyss", Collapsed Minds has forged a sonic journey that beckons to both seasoned fans of melodic death metal and newcomers to the genre. It serves as a reminder of the emotive power and cathartic release that this style of music embodies. As listeners, we are invited to let go, to descend into the abyss, and to find solace in the melodic chaos that ensues.

Secure your copy of "Abyss" now, available in both vinyl and cassette formats, and immerse yourself in a melodic death metal experience that is bound to resonate deep within.



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