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Collapsed Minds Unveils Haunting New Video

Diving deep into the abyss of the human psyche, Collapsed Minds has released a compelling visual for "Villain in the Mirror," a track that stands out in their lauded album "Abyss." This band, emerging from the underground metal scene's depths, continues to redefine melodic death metal by blending ferocious energy with evocative melodies. Their latest video, accessible here, is a testament to their unique ability to weave soundscapes that capture life's inherent chaos and beauty.

The video delves into themes of introspection and self-confrontation, reflecting the intense narrative of inner conflict and the dichotomy between self-love and self-loathing. Special acknowledgments are extended to Josef Altmann (Wolfchant) for his pivotal role in shaping the band's sonic identity. The song's potent mix was crafted by Dennis Israel at Clintworks Studio, while Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios handled the mastering, ensuring each note and beat delivers its intended impact. This project, supported by the district of Lower Bavaria / Pop Info Niederbayern, showcases the regional support backing Collapsed Minds.

Lyrically, "Villain in the Mirror" plunges into the depths of self-doubt, existential despair, and the complex quest for one's identity, articulating the essence of an individual's internal battle and the pursuit of freedom from inner demons. The lyrics vividly portray the struggle of being ensnared within one's contradictions and the ultimate yearning for liberation.

This release is more than a music video; it's a bold statement from Collapsed Minds. It underscores their conviction that music can encapsulate both the brutality and beauty of existence, that order can emerge from chaos, and that enlightenment awaits those who dare to explore the abyss. For both long-time followers and those newly acquainted with their music, "Villain in the Mirror" offers a profound journey of sonic discovery, promising both challenge and enchantment.

With "Abyss" and the haunting visuals for "Villain in the Mirror," Collapsed Minds cements their status among the metal elite, appealing to both genre purists and newcomers. Their ongoing evolution and exploration within the realms of melodic death metal affirm their position as a beacon of creativity and intensity in a world starved for depth and authenticity.


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