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Conjuring Magic and Alchemy Through Metal

In the realm of music, few bands manage to seamlessly blend the mystical with the melodic, the arcane with the aggressive. Yet, Hartlight has carved out a unique niche that marries the intensity of metal with the intrigue of esoteric traditions. This is a band that doesn't just play music; they invoke a world where every note is a spell, every lyric a mantra to the mysteries of the universe.

A Genesis in Harmony

The inception of Hartlight is a tale of serendipity, talent, and shared vision. Noémie Marie and Adrien Djouadou, both students of singing, found in each other not just a partner in life but a soulmate in music. Their initial collaboration was an alchemical experiment, combining Noémie's lyrical compositions with Adrien's multifaceted musical prowess. This fusion gave birth to singles like "Victorious Heart" and the self-titled "Hartlight," setting the stage for a unique sonic journey.

From Midland to Beyond

The year 2022 marked a significant evolution in Hartlight's journey, inspired by the duo's mutual admiration for the epic manga Berserk by Kentaro Miura. This inspiration led to the creation of the Power Metal EP "From Midland and Beyond," a homage that resonated deeply with fans and critics alike, showcasing the band's ability to translate narrative and emotion into powerful musical expressions.

A Calm Before the Storm

2023 was a year of introspection and ideation for Hartlight. It was a period of brewing storms beneath calm skies, culminating in the release of "Roll the Dice," a single inspired by the game Lost in Random. This release hinted at the deepening of the band's thematic exploration, with Noémie delving into personal themes of Alchemy, Magic, and introspection. The decision to create a concept album, "As Above, So Below," marked a pivotal moment, signifying a departure into darker, more mystic musical territories.

As Above, So Below: A Conceptual Masterpiece

"As Above, So Below" is more than an album; it's a philosophical exploration set to the backdrop of heavy, progressive, power, gothic, and symphonic metal. The album represents a maturation of Hartlight's sound and thematic ambition, inviting listeners into a realm where magic and music intertwine. The addition of Adrien Guingal as the official guitarist and Guillaume Remih taking up the drums infused the band with fresh energy and expertise, enriching the sonic landscape of the album.

The concept of the album, rooted in the principles of Alchemy and Magic, is a testament to Hartlight's evolution. It reflects a journey inward, an introspective quest guided by the belief in the transformative power of music. Noémie's enigmatic lyrics and powerful vocal delivery, combined with Adrien's intricate compositions, create an immersive experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of metal.

Looking to the Horizon

With "As Above, So Below," Hartlight invites us on a journey that extends beyond the auditory into the realm of the spiritual. The band's commitment to exploring deep, personal themes through their music has resonated with a wide audience, offering a unique experience that is both enlightening and entertaining.

As Hartlight prepares to bring their alchemical concoction of music to the live stage, they stand at the cusp of a new era. This is a band not content with merely performing music but aims to evoke the very essence of magic and transformation through their art. Join Hartlight on this mystical journey, and discover the magic that music can conjure in the depths of the soul.


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