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Ebony Archways: The Metal Jewel from Graz's Crown

From the heart of Austria to stages worldwide, Ebony Archways has emerged as a force majeure in the world of metal. As we dive deep into their origins, music, and the energy they bring to every show, it's evident why they are revered by fans and critics alike.

From Humble Beginnings to Metal Magnates

In the quiet town of Liezen, Austria, two musicians embarked on an ambitious journey. Michel Sedaghat and Christian Lechner fused their vision in 1999, forming what we now know as the explosive metal act, Ebony Archways. Initially created as a studio project, their early years birthed the iconic albums: "Passages" (2001), "Deliver me into silence" (2003), and "Beyond saturnine skies" (2006). The demand for these albums was so overwhelming that they flew off the shelves and remain out of print to this day.

Graz: The City that Amplified the Sound

With a change of scenery, moving to Graz, the dynamic of the band shifted. No longer just a studio project, Ebony Archways transitioned into a full-fledged live act, captivating audiences far and wide. Their EP "Songs from the Gallows" in 2011 is a testament to their evolving sound, followed by "Moonburnt" in 2014, which solidified their standing in the metal community.

Conquering Stages and Hearts

The years that followed saw Ebony Archways dominating both national and international stages. From rocking at Metal on the Hill in their hometown of Graz to delivering electrifying performances at Metaldays in Slovenia, the band's repertoire and presence grew. Their accolades include sharing stages with big names like Iced Earth and unveiling the riveting EP "The Miller Sessions" in 2018.

What Lies Ahead

After a successful release of "Taurus" in 2020, the band has returned to the studio. Currently, they are nestled within the walls of Studio 66 Gleisdorf, crafting what promises to be another metal masterpiece, expected to drop in Spring 2024.

Connect with the Phenomenon

For those eager to experience the sound and fury of Ebony Archways, delve into their discography or connect with them on their Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube platforms.

For bookings or queries, Christian Lechner stands as the gatekeeper. Reach him at Waagner-Biro-Straße 141/3, A-8020 Graz or call at +43 (0)699 81124620.

As Kvlt und Kaos Productions, we're immensely proud to represent such a groundbreaking act. Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into the world of Ebony Archways and other explosive talents from our roster.


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