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Embracing the Doom

Doom Death Metal Highlights first quarter 2023

A Deep Dive into Kvlt and Kaos Productions' Latest Doom Death Metal Albums!

Greetings, Kvltists!

Today, we'll be sinking our teeth into the latest releases from two of Kvlt und Kaos Productions' most promising doom death metal acts: Doomcult's "Failure of Life" and Shrouded in Darkness's "Be None of You."

Get ready for a journey through the deepest pits of despair and utter darkness as we explore these crushing albums.

Doomcult - "Failure of Life"

Opening with a haunting ambiance, "Failure of Life" is an album that promises to take you through an emotional rollercoaster of hopelessness and existential dread. The powerful riffs and guttural growls are a testament to Doomcult's mastery of their genre.

Notable for its intricate guitar work and dynamic tempos, "Failure of Life" creates a suffocating atmosphere that's only alleviated by the occasional eerie, melodic passages. The album leaves listeners with an overwhelming sense of desolation, solidifying Doomcult's place in the doom death metal scene.


Shrouded in Darkness - "Be None of You"

On the other hand, "Be None of You" from Shrouded in Darkness delves deeper into the abyss with its dissonant chords and plodding, funeral-esque rhythms.

The band has the ability to create an unyielding atmosphere of gloom and despair that fans of the genre will relish.

The album features hauntingly beautiful melodies juxtaposed with crushing heaviness, representing the duality of human existence. "Be None of You" is a testament to Shrouded in Darkness's capacity to push the boundaries of doom death metal and create a unique sonic experience.


Both "Failure of Life" by Doomcult and "Be None of You" by Shrouded in Darkness stand as shining examples of the immense talent that resides within Kvlt und Kaos Productions' roster. Doom death metal enthusiasts should not miss out on these immersive and powerful releases.

Be sure to check out these albums on your favorite streaming platforms and follow Kvlt und Kaos Productions for updates on these incredible bands.

As always, support your local music scene and spread the Kaos!

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