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Part IV: Fury - Unleashing the Sound of "Agony" by Lost in Existence

Unleashing the Raw Power and Emotional Intensity of "Agony"

Experience the sheer force and emotional depth with "Agony," the latest EP from Spain's Metalcore sensation, Lost in Existence. This release, available exclusively at the Kvlt shop, is presented in an eco-friendly recycled jewel case, showcasing the band's commitment to sustainability.

Introducing Lost in Existence: Spain's Metalcore Innovators

Formed in the vibrant year of 2022 and hailing from Seville, Lost in Existence has quickly risen as a powerful force in the Metalcore scene. With their lineup of skilled musicians, including Fern on vocals and rhythm guitar, Selu on lead guitar, Migue on bass, Airon on drums, and Jesus on backing vocals and keys, the band brings a unique blend of heavy riffs, aggressive vocals, and haunting melodies.

"Agony": A Journey Through Intense Emotions

"Agony" features six tracks that perfectly capture the essence of Metalcore while pushing the genre's boundaries. Each song is a journey through intense emotions and powerful soundscapes, highlighting the band’s technical prowess and artistic vision.

Stream "Agony" Now on Spotify or YouTube

Dive into the raw energy of Lost in Existence by streaming "Agony" today. Experience why this EP is a must-have for any Metalcore fan looking for a unique and powerful addition to their music collection.

Don't miss out on this explosive release from "Lost in Existence." "Agony" is more than just music; it's a Metalcore revolution, available now at the Kvlt shop.


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