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Kvlt und Kaos Productions Presents: Disgustibus' Latest Release - "Body Horror"

We are thrilled to introduce a forthcoming release that's bound to create ripples in the weeks to come. Enter the newest EP from Disgustibus, a project already recognized in the metal scene for its distinctiveness and raw vigor.

For those unacquainted with Disgustibus (formerly known as ASDC): This is a one-man Brutal Death Metal endeavor inaugurated by Manuel Lucchini in 2019. But Disgustibus isn't just another name in the world of death metal. The project draws inspiration from the halcyon days of brutal death metal, blending it with the nuances of goregrind to produce what one might term as "audio filth."

Disgustibus' new EP, "Body Horror", isn't just an ode to the film sub-genre of body horror; it’s a formidable musical odyssey. Each track encapsulates a twisted take on various movies within this genre. With influences spanning from Japanese cyberpunk classics to contemporary macabre films, "Body Horror" is an invitation to a holistic audio-visual experience.

We highly recommend immersing yourself in the EP's tracks and coupling it with viewings of the films they are inspired by, to grasp the full breadth of "Body Horror." This album is not just a must-listen for brutal death metal and goregrind enthusiasts, but anyone with an inclination towards dark, atmospheric, and inventive music.

Here at Kvlt und Kaos Productions, we take pride in backing artists like Disgustibus who consistently push the boundaries of their musical genres, churning out innovative, fresh content. We're eagerly anticipating your engagement with "Body Horror" and trust you'll be as captivated as we are.

Stay tuned for more updates and potential tour dates! In the meantime, delve deep into Disgustibus' realm and let "Body Horror" enchant you.

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