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New Kvlt Member

Kvlt und Kaos Productions welcomes the newest addition to their label, Doomcult. The Dutch doom-metal outfit has just finished their third album, "Life has Failed," which showcases an hour of intense doom with influences from traditional doom, 90s doom/death, funeral, and bits of sludge. Release date is 14.04.2023

One of the highlights of Doomcult's latest offering is their improved songwriting. With a superior production quality and the guest appearance of Rens van Herpt (Treurwilg) on vocals, the band's music has taken a new level. Rens' deep growls blend perfectly with J.G.'s intense screams, adding more diversity to the vocals. The album also features additional guests, Willem Verachtert and Harm Neervens, both from tribute band Imitallica.

Doomcult's music has always been known for its eerie atmospheres, plodding drums, and sick melodies, and "Life has Failed" is no exception. The album's themes stay true to the band's misanthropic discography, with blasphemous anti-establishment lyrics that challenge societal norms.

J.G. Arts, the mastermind behind Doomcult, is also involved with doom-metal band White Mare, along with members of Duthaig and Nightshade. He did all guitars, mixing, and mastering for Doomcult's debut album, "Isle of Bliss," which was released in 2022. The longer time gap between the second and third album can be attributed to the pandemic and J.G.'s work on the second album of White Mare and the fourth album of Doomcult.

The artwork for "Life has Failed" is another standout feature, with Unexpected Specter delivering an awesome design that complements the album's dark and brooding themes.

Overall, Doomcult's latest album is a must-listen for fans of doom-metal and anyone looking for an intense and thought-provoking musical experience. Kvlt and Kaos Productions is proud to have Doomcult as part of their roster, and we look forward to seeing what the band has in store for the future.

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