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Part VI: Revelation - "Buryfication: Unveiling the Gallows Rise

In the depths of Finland's metal scene, a new titan has arisen—Buryfication. This five-piece death metal horde, formed amid the global lockdowns of 2021, has quickly ascended from the underground to capture the attention of the extreme music community worldwide.

Emergence from the Abyss

With members who are veterans of the metal scene, having honed their skills in bands like Proscription, Cemetery Winds, Necrobiosis, and Fall of the Leafe, Buryfication blends ferocious intensity with meticulous craftsmanship. Their sound is a cataclysmic explosion of brutal riffs and dark narratives that resonate deeply within the metal community.

Leviathan: A Declaration of War

Their debut album, "Leviathan," recorded entirely in-house during the peak of the pandemic in 2022, is more than just music—it's a raw manifesto of frustration, anger, dissatisfaction, and yearning. It stands as a declaration of war against the complacency of modern music, capturing the spirit of true underground metal.

Artwork Reveal: Gallows Rise

The latest to emerge from Buryfication is the artwork for their upcoming album, "Gallows Rise." This visual piece complements their music's narrative, embodying the themes of despair and defiance that Marko Ala-Kleme vocalizes with his guttural howls.

Live Performances: A Haunting Presence

Following the release of "Leviathan," Buryfication has honed their stage performances to an exacting standard. Their live shows are known for their haunting, invigorating energy, leaving audiences enthralled and hungry for more.

Join the Movement

As Buryfication continues to carve their path through the metal scene, they stand as a beacon for those who thrive in the shadows. Follow their journey through chaos and creation at their official website,, and join their ascent into the abyss.


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