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Summer Reverberations: Kvlt und Kaos Productions Unveils the Heat!

Summer is not just about soaring temperatures and vibrant sunsets; for us at Kvlt und Kaos Productions, it's a season of sonic crescendos, rhythmic innovations, and melodic explorations. As the season unfolds, we're eager to delve deeper into what’s been simmering in our studios. But first, let’s recap who we stand for: "Innovative Music Production meets Sustainable Cassette Sorcery at Kvlt und Kaos. We champion a sonic journey where music's golden past and the tantalizing future converge, bridging eras with an unyielding passion."

Upcoming Excursions & Events: To all ardent followers of metal and passionate pursuers of rich melodies, a very special date awaits your diaries! From the 18th to the 19th of August, Kvlt und Kaos Productions will proudly have a presence at the illustrious Kaltenbach OpenAir, a zenith of musical gatherings in Austria. It’s not just about showcasing our artists or selling merch; it's a celebration of music, an exchange of inspirations, and an avenue for forging new musical bonds.


In the Limelight – Our Esteemed Artists:

  • DETHRED: Emerging from Mannheim's vibrant music scene, Germany's DETHRED stands as a testament to the transformative power of Melodic Death Metal. With their signature blend of haunting melodies and relentless riffs, DETHRED is not just a band; it's an experience. Their recent outing, "Nachzehrer," exemplifies their evolution – an audacious blend of raw power and evocative melodies. As they surge forward, backed by Kvlt und Kaos, they promise an onslaught of musical masterpieces that beckon to the soul of every metal enthusiast.

  • ATHIRIA: Nestled in Austria's rich tapestry of metal bands, ATHIRIA holds a special place. Their journey, marked by resilience and reinvention, is a tale of true passion. The ferocious vocals, thunderous drums, and a symphony of riffs make them not just a band, but a force of nature. Their story of persistence, especially post the challenges they faced, stands as an inspiring testament to their undying spirit and love for the craft. With each note they play, they reaffirm their commitment to their art and their fans.


Anticipated Releases – A Glimpse into the Future:

  • Chorosia: Get ready to be submerged in the profound depths of Progressive Sludge. Chorosia promises an album that’s both an exploration and a revelation. While details remain under wraps, the buzz suggests it's going to be a game-changer.

  • Verkinderer: Venturing back to the enigmatic realm of Black Metal, Verkinderer’s upcoming release promises a tapestry of sound that's both haunting and evocative. A journey not for the faint-hearted but definitely for those seeking a true sonic adventure.

  • Winterwald: Another gem in the Black Metal space, Winterwald is gearing up to present an album that will resonate with the very core of Black Metal enthusiasts. Intense, dark, and profoundly moving, this is one release that’s been eagerly awaited.


In conclusion, as the sun casts longer shadows and the days grow shorter, Kvlt und Kaos Productions is just warming up. This summer and the seasons that follow promise an array of musical offerings that will enthrall, excite, and evolve the very fabric of our sonic universe. To our fans, collaborators, and every individual who's been a part of this journey, we promise: The best is yet to come.

Spread the Kaos!


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