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Unleashing the Brutality: Massacred's "Lunatic Massacre" Takes the World by Storm

Prepare to be annihilated, Kvltists!

Argentina's own Brutal Death Metal masters, Massacred, have just unleashed their latest offering, "Lunatic Massacre," and it's already making waves across the underground metal scene. Released under the banner of Kvlt and Kaos Productions, the album is a relentless onslaught of sonic brutality that pays homage to the legendary Mortician.

Get your copy of "Lunatic Massacre" here:

Comprised of 15 skull-crushing tracks (plus 5 bonus tracks), "Lunatic Massacre" is an unapologetic celebration of all things brutal and chaotic. The band has crafted a relentless sonic assault, filled with gut-wrenching gutturals, pulverizing riffs, and mind-numbing blast beats that are sure to leave listeners gasping for air. From the moment you hit play, it becomes abundantly clear that Massacred has poured their heart and soul into this album, creating a masterpiece that rivals the works of their idols.

In addition to the digital release, Kvlt and Kaos Productions have produced a limited edition cassette for all the old-school metalheads out there. The cassette comes packaged in a plastic-free, recycled cardboard case, reflecting the label's commitment to sustainability. As a bonus, each cassette includes a high-quality mini poster featuring the album's killer artwork – a must-have for any Massacred and brutal death metal fan.

"Lunatic Massacre" has already garnered rave reviews from critics and fans alike, with many heralding it as the highlight in 2023 in the Brutal Death Metal genre. Don't miss out on your chance to experience this monumental album for yourself. Head over to Bandcamp and grab your digital or limited edition cassette copy today:

Stay tuned for more updates on Massacred's future endeavors and be sure to follow Kvlt and Kaos Productions on social media for the latest news on their roster of extreme metal bands. In the meantime, crank up the volume, let the lunacy begin, and join us in welcoming Massacred's "Lunatic Massacre" to the world of underground metal!

Happy headbanging! 🤘


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