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Welcome to the Kvlt Family - Your Home for Kvlt und Kaos

Hell-o dear Kvlt family!

We're thrilled to welcome you to our brand new website. After five exciting years since the establishment of Kvlt und Kaos Productions back in August 2018, it's time for a fresh positioning and renewed vigor.

Our mission remains the same: we are here to boost and support underground bands. At the same time, we aspire to set new standards in marketing and promotion with our subsidiary, Lichtbringer Publishing, a service also available to bands not affiliated with our label.

As part of our evolution, we're moving away from traditional design and packaging routes, focusing on digital distribution and the production of cassettes, and soon, vinyl. We will offer CDs on special occasions and in our Distroshop. All our products aim for the least possible plastic use.

Our unique, handmade cassette boxes are collectibles from the get-go, and each first edition will come with a special goodie. Networking within the local and global scene is not a foreign concept to us but rather an integral part of our business philosophy. With weekly blog and podcast/videocast entries, we will keep you updated.

The Kvlt family is characterized by unity and networking. Each member and artist is unique and contributes to what makes Kvlt und Kaos Productions what it is.

Our shop offers cassettes, vinyls, and CDs, both in-house productions and Distro items from other labels and artists. New items are added every week. In addition, you can browse our own print-on-demand merchandise shop, where you can find everything from T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and umbrellas, anything a Metalhead heart desires.

Our vision for the future is clear: we aim to further optimize and refine our chosen path, continuously grow the Kvlt family, and strengthen the underground in the metal scene.

We believe that this scene forms the backbone of the entire industry, and does so sustainably and with a small footprint.

So come in, join the Kvlt family, and let's shape the future of Metal together.

See you soon!


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