Two underground beasts join forces to storm the gates of heaven.

Krod from Chile and Cruciatus Infernalis from Austria.

Krod is brute raw black metal that upholds and honours the old kvlt traditions. Three songs that make you long for the next fulllenght album.

Cruciatus Infernalis presents his very own mixture of Black Death Metal and Dungeon Synth. The three tracks tell of fire that burns in heaven, of smoke that remains and of the new ruler of heaven, earth and hell.


Comes in an environmentally friendly plastic-reduced digipack


released April 8, 2022 via Kvlt und Kaos Productions

Krod (tracks 1-3)
Lyrics and music by Zabulus Valtakunta
Vocals and Instruments by Zabulus Valtakunta
Mastering and Mixing by Valtakunta Records

Cruciatus Infernalis (tracks 4-6)
evoken by H.Daemonenwacht

Cruciatus Infernalis / Krod - Storming the Gates of Heaven (cd)

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