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Lodestar -Wanderers

Lodestar -Wanderers

€ 12,99Preis

Lodestar is a two-piece band from Canada, crafting immersive Doom/Gothic Metal since their inception in 2020 amidst the pandemic's chaos. Fronted by the captivating Kate Glock, whose haunting vocals and ethereal synth work lead listeners on a journey through darkened realms, and Jensen Rodolfo, who seamlessly transitions between guitar, bass, and drums, infusing their compositions with depth and vigor.


"Wanderers" contains three all-new tracks from Lodestar, plus the never-before-released song "The Wanderer." The title track is one of the first songs the band recorded, now seeing the light of day with this EP release. The EP, available on CD and cassette, allows the band to delve into a pure Doom Metal sound, leaving behind their rock elements to create a unique listening experience.


Released on CD and Cassette via Kvlt und Kaos Productions.

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