Trve melancholic Black Metal
Omhosten conveys all the dampness and depressiveness of late autumn, inspired by the Cherkasy forest. It´s time to plunge into your thoughts and sum up the results of life. The minor soundtrack for the thoughts of all beings.



released January 7, 2022 via Kvlt und Kaos Productions

Stan Skrebniev
guitar songwriter bass vocals (in 1-5) also guitars (6-11)
Yuri Kononov drums (he is from the Sauroctonos group)
Alexey Sidorenko lyricist (6,7,8,9,11) he is the vocalist in Demonologist,
Nikolay Nimmerzet Kushnir session guitarist and vocalist (at 6-11), lyricist for 10 songs,
Recorded, reduced to Anvil records (Cherkasy Ukraine)

Omhosten - Music of the great beyond (cd)

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