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Meet Akida, Graz’s finest export in the rock and post-grunge scene. This band isn’t just about music; it’s about an experience that shakes the core of your musical soul. Born in a basement and raised on a strict diet of gritty guitar riffs, deep bass, and the kind of drum beats that pulse through your veins, Akida is the real deal.

Picture this: a year of jam sessions steeped in beer and blasted at 110dB in a cozy cellar. The result? A sound so raw and powerful, it’s like capturing lightning in a bottle. But it doesn’t stop there. Every Akida show starts with a warm-up backstage, then it’s straight to the stage dressed to kill and ready to rock your world for 90 heart-pounding minutes.

Whether they’re making a night unforgettable for the opening act or outshining the headliners, one thing's for sure: the fans always leave with a buzz. At an Akida concert, you’re guaranteed to dance, sing, and headbang your way to bliss.

Come see for yourself why Akida is more than just a band—they’re a phenomenon. Get ready to be blown away by their electrifying performances, complete with screaming guitars, epic slides, and tight fills. Akida isn’t just a band you listen to; they’re a band you feel.

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