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A Resonant Rebellion of Sound

From the pulsating heart of Slovenia, a unique ensemble emerges that flawlessly entwines the raw energy of punk, the audacious spirit of metal, and the sophisticated improvisations of jazz. Enter BibliBan - a punkmetaljazz trio that promises an auditory experience so intense, it'll feel like pure ecstasy to your ears.

Band Members:

  • Tadej Kac – The mastermind behind those powerful guitar riffs, Tadej channels his passion into each chord, leaving a lasting impression on all who lend an ear.

  • Filip Klemenc – With a bass guitar in hand, Filip dives deep into the soulful rhythms that underpin BibliBan’s eclectic sound. He’s not just playing notes; he's crafting emotions.

  • Jani Smolar – Jani on drums is the beating heart of BibliBan. His unparalleled percussion skills set the tempo for the trio, taking listeners on an unpredictable and thrilling musical journey.

Connect with BibliBan:

Dive into the world of BibliBan and let yourself be seduced by a sound that's both nostalgic and avant-garde. Kvlt und Kaos Productions proudly presents an act that defies the norm, challenges the conventional, and constantly pushes the boundaries of musical ingenuity. Experience BibliBan – where chaos meets culture.

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