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Blood Infection

Death Metal

Hailing from the tumultuous landscapes of Colombia, Blood Infection is not just a band, but a deafening roar from the abyss of death metal. Their music captures the very essence of what it means to face mortality, delve into history's darkest corners, and confront the chilling tales of torture, death, sickness, and murder.

Birthed in the heart of Colombia's vast terrains, this quintet resonates a sound that is as deep and ancient as the nation's own history. Their lyrical forays bring to life tales of bygone empires, battles drenched in blood, and harrowing accounts of torture that evoke the haunting imagery of days long past.

Their tracks, however, aren’t just reflections of the old but also encapsulate the contemporary horrors of sickness, the cold grasp of death, and the harrowing truth about human capacity for murder. The band's brutal riffs and relentless drums are perfectly complemented by guttural growls that narrate tales both ancient and new.

In true death metal fashion, Blood Infection does not shy away from the uncomfortable or the grotesque. Instead, they embrace these themes, crafting intricate soundscapes that serve as both a tribute to those who suffered and a stark reminder of humanity's inherent darkness.

For those who dare to listen, Blood Infection promises an audial journey that is raw, visceral, and utterly unforgettable. Their unique blend of historical narrative with a contemporary edge, all delivered in brutal death metal artistry, makes them a flagship act for Kvlt und Kaos Productions.

Prepare your senses. The infection is spreading, and it's a contagion of pure, unadulterated death metal. Dive in, if you dare.

Blood Infection
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