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progressive sludge metal

Chorosia is a progressive sludge metal band hailing from Vienna, Austria. Established in 2017, the group consists of Anto Pranjić on guitar and vocals, Florian Zeus on guitar, Christian Umkehrer on bass, and Gregory Reinig on drums.

In 2018, they made their mark with the release of their self-titled debut album, both physically and across all major streaming services. The album received positive recognition from various underground music critics, with some even naming it a notable contender for metal album of the year.

Chorosia's early career saw them sharing the stage with renowned names such as Crowbar, Dopelord, Yob, Neurosis, Black Tusk, and the Skull. Capitalizing on this momentum, they embarked on a self-organized tour in 2019, delivering five packed shows over eight days across central and southern Europe.

Plans for a tour through southern Germany in 2020/2021 were disrupted due to the global pandemic. However, Chorosia took this opportunity to focus on their music. The result was a second album titled "A Call To Love," composed of nine tracks totaling over an hour of fresh, innovative music. Released via Grazil Records, the album is available on CDs, tapes, and digital formats.

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