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Dead Man´s Path

Dead Man’s Path is a Swedish death metal band hailing from the deep forests of Dalecarlia. Founded in late 2019 by guitarist Jonas Axelsson and vocalist Pontus Dahlin, the lineup was later completed with bassist Gustaf Karlsson, drummer Philip Andersson, and guitarist Christer Hedberg. Known for their brutal, relentless, and intense live performances, they have quickly made a name for themselves.

Their raw sound is heavily influenced by early Swedish death metal legends like At the Gates and Entombed, blended with touches from newer bands such as Behemoth and Baest. Their songs weave tales of old Swedish folklore, featuring creatures like Näcken, Myrlingar, Skogsrået, and many more demon-like beings of the night.

In 2020, Dead Man’s Path released their 4-track debut EP “I. Abomination” and followed up with several singles in 2022. Their second EP, “Arcana Celecstia, Inferum Verda,” released in 2023, garnered over 7000 streams within the first week.

Dead Man’s Path is the torchbearer for the new underground genre called infamous Dalecarlian death metal and aims to put it on the map for generations to come.

Join the movement, hail the path.


Dead Man´s Path
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