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Depraved Inclination

Atmospheric Black Metal

Depraved Inclination is an enigmatic and mesmerizing atmospheric black metal project hailing from the dark, cold corners of Graz, Austria. Since the inception, it has been delivering a unique and haunting soundscape, exploring the depths of human emotions, fears, death, and the impermanence of life. The music is a haunting, ethereal experience, painting a vivid tapestry of nature's raw beauty and unforgiving cruelty.

Depraved Inclination blends the aggressive, harsh elements of traditional black metal with the ethereal, melodic undertones of atmospheric music to create a deeply immersive and emotional experience for the listeners.

Lyrically, Depraved Inclination delves into the most profound and harrowing aspects of the human experience. They explore themes of loss, grief, and the fragility of life, all while drawing on the power of nature to evoke powerful metaphors and vivid imagery. The band's lyrics are a poignant reflection of the human condition, providing listeners with a cathartic outlet for their deepest emotions and fears.

With their unique blend of atmospheric black metal and evocative lyrics, Depraved Inclination has carved a niche for themselves in the world of extreme music. They continue to push the boundaries of the genre, challenging listeners to confront their own emotions and fears through the dark, haunting beauty of their music.

Depraved Inclination
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