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Power Thrash

Primal, raw, and powerful, Klynt is a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. Their music is riff-driven and packed with unforgettable melodies, crafted to stir emotions and provoke reactions. Known for their rebellious spirit, Klynt delights in challenging norms and pissing off elitists, embodying a true punk ethos within the metal genre.

Their latest album, THUNDEROUS, is a testament to their explosive energy and relentless drive. Recorded and mixed at Doom Studios Linz, mastered by Norbert Leitner, and released by Kvlt und Kaos Productions, the album erupts with boundless intensity, convulsing the earth and scorching listeners with its fierce tempest.

Klynt's lineup includes Dadu on vocals, Patrick Hiebler on guitar, Alexander Fürbaß on drums, Flavius Miron on guitar, and Gregor Pilgram on bass. Each member brings their unique flair and passion, combining to create a sonic experience that is as incendiary as it is unforgettable.

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Experience the raw power of Klynt and join the revolution against the mundane. ​

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