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Doom Gothic Metal

Lodestar is a two-piece band from Canada, crafting immersive Doom/Gothic Metal since their inception in 2020 amidst the pandemic's chaos. Fronted by the captivating Kate Glock, whose haunting vocals and ethereal synth work lead listeners on a journey through darkened realms. Jensen Rodolfo seamlessly transitions between guitar, bass, and drums, infusing their compositions with depth and vigor. Their sonic tapestry marries the brooding essence of Doom Metal, the evocative allure of Gothic Metal, and the raw energy of Hard Rock.

Frontwoman Kate Glock captivates listeners with her unique voice and mesmerizing synthesizer work, while Jensen Rodolfo lays and expands the musical foundation with his versatile instrument play. Together, they create an intense listening experience that is both melancholic and powerful.

Their music is a blend of darkness and beauty, penetrating deep into the soul and offering an unparalleled metal experience.

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