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Old School Death Metal

Hailing from the bowels of the underground music scene, Painstorm is a formidable force in the old school death metal genre. The band is steeped in the raw, uncompromising traditions of the early death metal sound, infusing their music with a torrent of relentless riffs, thundering drums, and guttural growls. The band's name itself paints a picture of their brutal sonic onslaught, each note carrying the weight of a storm of suffering.

Painstorm's lyrical content is as gritty as their music, exploring themes of horror, murder, suicide, madness, and the darker aspects of social issues. They create a chilling atmosphere that stirs up the soul, offering an immersive journey into the realms of darkness. Their lyrics act as a grisly narrative that's bound to evoke the darkest of emotions and thoughts, reflecting the chaos and disorder of the world around us.

This July, brace yourself for a lethal dose of gruesome sonics as Painstorm releases their album 'Devouring Entrails.' The title is a testament to the band's relentless pursuit of the grotesque and macabre, promising an intense audio experience that takes the listener on a twisted ride through their bleak lyrical landscape.

'Devouring Entrails' will be available on CD and cassette, a nod to the classic era of death metal, adding an extra layer of nostalgia and authenticity to their chilling sound. These formats further exemplify their commitment to the old-school essence of death metal, standing defiantly against the digital wave, and offering their fans the raw, tactile experience of physical media.

Painstorm's mastery of the old school death metal sound, combined with their unique storytelling and exploration of dark themes, establishes them as a band that's not afraid to challenge conventions. They offer a brutal yet complex exploration of life's darker aspects, making them a must-listen for any fan of the genre. So prepare your ears, for Painstorm is about to unleash a hurricane of death metal madness with 'Devouring Entrails.'

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