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Black Metal

Schänder from the shadowed depths of Klagenfurt, Austria, was forged in the abyss in 2019. Gerry Greyskull, Lex Savage, Kleschkolt Kole, and Infernal Zermallner united under the cursed banner of Old School Black Metal, their unholy covenant sworn to unleash death and decay upon a world teetering on the brink of damnation.

With the release of their infernal debut album in 2021, SCHÄNDER's blasphemous hymns were etched into the annals of darkness, summoning a wave of collective insanity. This aural assault marked the dawn of an era where the heavens quaked, and the earth bled beneath their relentless fury.

Their performances are a siege upon the senses, each stage a battlefield, each city left in ruins. They are the harbingers of doom, their path one of scorched earth and shattered dreams.

Under the rallying cry "In The Name of Fucking Hell," Schänder continues to carve their legacy in blood and fire.


  • Mutilating Mane: Vocals, the voice of the void, summoning chaos and despair.

  • Gerry Greyskull: Guitars, the architect of destruction, crafting riffs that rend the soul.

  • Lex Savage: Bass, the harbinger of doom, his rhythms the heartbeat of the apocalypse.

  • Infernal Zermallner: Drums, the relentless thunder, pounding the final nails into the coffin of sanity.

Web: Facebook | Bandcamp


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