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Black Metal

VRIM was born in 2015 as an idea of ​​RUF and D.Avait. The goal was to create epic black metal music, Bathory and old school black metal oriented style, with lyrics in Piedmontese language. 

In 2016 Ruf started to create music inspired by the lyrics written by D.Avait. At the time VRIM was a band formed by two guitars, bass and vocals.


In 2017 the vocalist left the band and the difficulty to find a replacement as well as a suitable drummer, led to the freezing of VRIM.


In 2020 Ruf decided to continue with the project managing the vocals and the drum programming on his own, in order to finalize the old stuff and to write new material.


In 2021 the first album, Diciarassion ëd guèra e grinfor, containing all the tracks composed in 2016, was recorded at the Audiorizon studio.


VRIM is currently a two man band:

Ruf - vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming

D. Avait - Lyrics

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