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Wings of Glory

Melodic Metal

Wings of Glory, formed in September 2014, is a dynamic melodic metal band known for their energetic and diverse sound. Originating from a chance meeting online, the band has evolved through various lineup changes, with each member bringing unique musical influences and talents. Frontman Joe Rappitsch, guitarists Thomas "Tom" Possert and Christopher "Chris" Reiterer, bassist Thomas “Höni” Hönigmann, and drummer Mario Suchy together create a vibrant and powerful sound that draws from a broad spectrum of metal genres, ranging from groove metal to melodic death metal.

Their songwriting process is collaborative, with individual members crafting songs that are refined collectively, ensuring a sound that's both varied and cohesive. Live, Wings of Glory is known for their electrifying performances, focusing on authenticity and audience engagement.

They're working on their first album, a testament to their musical evolution from rock ballads and power metal to their current robust Melodic Metal style. Wings of Glory stands out in the melodic metal scene for their raw energy, diverse influences, and commitment to delivering powerful music and memorable live experiences.

Wings of Glory
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