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Unleashing the Power of Underground Metal

Founded by Chris Zavertanik, a true metal enthusiast born and raised in the heavy '80s, Kvlt und Kaos Productions is more than just a label – it's a movement. From the rich world of Hard Rock to the extreme realms of Metal, Chris's musical journey has been a relentless exploration of new horizons. With experience as a musician in various projects and a writer for magazines, he knows the scene inside out.

His deep immersion into the music world led him to a powerful realization: he wanted to do more for bands, strengthen the underground as the bedrock of the scene, and create a platform for networking and innovation. But it wasn't just about the music; for Kvlt und Kaos Productions, the ecological footprint has been a pressing matter for a long time. Committed to sustainability, we endeavor to produce as plastic-free as possible, predominantly in Austria and Germany. This dedication to sustainability catalyzed our evolution into a cassette-focused label. Our handcrafted cardboard boxes filled with goodies such as stickers, posters, or autograph cards have already gained substantial popularity among collectors.

Located in Graz, Austria, our mission is to "Spread the Kaos!" We believe in the power of the underground scene and are dedicated to giving bands a platform to thrive. Our approach is always fresh, brimming with innovative marketing ideas and eco-conscious packaging. Whether it's the cherished cassette boxes or our regular podcasts, every facet of our work radiates a commitment to creativity and connection.

Our artists' success is our success, and we rejoice in every achievement, whether grand or modest. Join us in our unwavering quest to amplify the voice of underground metal, where each progression is a milestone in our collective odyssey.

Explore our site for the freshest releases, merchandise, and become a part of the Kvlt family. Together, let's forge a new epoch of Metal grounded in fervor, innovation, and community.

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