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Ebony Archways - Misanthropia

Ebony Archways - Misanthropia

€ 12,99Preis

Discover the dark depths of "Misanthropia," the latest release from Ebony Archways. Available on CD, cassette, and black 180g vinyl starting May 31, 2024, through Kvlt und Kaos Productions. This album delves into themes of despair, longing, and personal turmoil through 10 evocative tracks such as "Drowning for a Breath" and "Eternal Sleep." Created with masterful orchestration and poignant lyrics, "Misanthropia" features orchestral flourishes and guest vocals that enrich its intense emotional landscape. Immerse yourself in the profound and haunting world of Ebony Archways.


Released 31/05/2024 via Kvlt und Kaos Productions.

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