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Sidus Atrum - Torn Sky

Sidus Atrum - Torn Sky

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Dive deep into the heart of atmospheric black doom metal with Sidus Atrum's third studio album, "Розірване Небо (Torn Sky)," presented by Kvlt und Kaos Productions. Born in the historic city of Kyiv at the close of 2015, Sidus Atrum, under the singular vision of Yulia Lykhotvor, has evolved from a solo endeavor into a compelling duo with the addition of Serhii Lykhotvor in 2022.


"Розірване Небо (Torn Sky)" unfolds over six tracks, each a testament to the band's profound narrative and musical evolution. This album emerges as a poignant reflection on war, its devastation on lives and dreams, and the enduring hope for triumph amid adversity. Crafted amidst the backdrop of Ukraine's trials, it channels the raw emotions, experiences, and resilience of its creators.

Following their successful collaboration on the second album, "Spiral Of Life," which saw the band venture into a rich tapestry of atmospheric black doom metal interspersed with post-black elements, Sidus Atrum continues to expand their sonic horizons. The inclusion of notable guests like Daniel Neagoe (Clouds, Daius, Eye Of Solitude) on "Spiral Of Life" (released March 2022 by Kvlt und Kaos Productions) set a precedent for the band's collaborative spirit and innovative approach to music-making.


With "Розірване Небо (Torn Sky)," Sidus Atrum not only delves into the darkness but also lights a path toward understanding and hope. Each format offers a unique way to experience the album's depth, from the visually striking orange splatter vinyl to the tactile satisfaction of the digipack CD and the eco-conscious plastic-free cassette box.

Reserve your copy today and embark on a journey through the torn sky, where despair meets beauty, and resilience sings the songs of the undaunted spirit. Sidus Atrum invites you to witness their most intimate and powerful work to date, a sonic exploration that promises to captivate, challenge, and inspire.


released via Kvlt und Kaos Productions on 14/05/2024


CDs and cassettes will be shipped by beginning of July.
Vinyl shipments to commence around August 2024.

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