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Bäd Hammer

Thrash Metal

Unleashing Havoc & Hymns in High Voltage

Straight outta Feldbach, the ferocious foursome known as Bäd Hammer are ripping through the thrash metal scene like a chainsaw through butter since their earth-shattering inception in 2011. This band isn’t just about cranking out tunes; they’re an unstoppable force of nature, fueled by the raw energy of Feira shredding on guitar and belting out anthems, Rene slicing through air with his axe, Chri laying down the law with bass lines that could wake the dead and screams that curdle blood, and Peter demolishing drum kits like it’s the end of days.

Their sonic assault began with "Destroy Ya" in 2012, a debut that hit the scene like a freight train of dynamite. They didn’t stop there, oh no. "Viva la Revolution" in 2014 saw them raising fists and flags in a revolt powered by riffage, and "Bäd Hombres" in 2017 was a wild ride that proved these cats were just getting started.

Sharing stages with metal legends like Obituary and The Exploited, Bäd Hammer have lived their dream, supporting the gods of metal in a baptism of fire and noise. Their relentless pursuit of the ultimate thrash experience has forged them into heroes of the underground, with a live show that’s more explosive than a keg of gunpowder in a fireworks factory.

When the world went sideways, Bäd Hammer doubled down, growing their ranks and their resolve. Now, with eyes set on 2024, they’re gearing up to drop another album and tear up stages with a vengeance that’s both terrifying and awe-inspiring.

Described by Ö Ticket Magazine as a wild mix of "gas station charm, Max and Moritz mischief, and Motörhead on speed," Bäd Hammer is the embodiment of thrash metal chaos. They don’t just play music; they start fires, inciting mosh pits and headbanging frenzies wherever they go. This band isn’t just about songs; it’s about an attitude, a lifestyle, and a message that screams, "We’re here to tear it up, and you’re either with us or you’re in the way."

Kvlt und Kaos Productions couldn’t be prouder to have these madmen on our roster. Bäd Hammer isn’t just a band; they’re a force of nature, a whirlwind of thrash metal madness ready to take on the world. Brace yourselves, because with Bäd Hammer, the storm is just beginning, and it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Bäd Hammer
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