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Behind the Rails

Death Metal

Founded in the vibrant metal heart of Graz, Austria, in 2022, Behind the Rails has swiftly ascended within the death metal domain, propelled by their sheer dedication to crafting a sound that, while not reinventing the genre, rolls with an undeniable, crushing force. This quintet, under the dark banner of Kvlt und Kaos Productions, serves as a formidable force in the realm of death metal, adhering to the genre's foundational brutality while infusing their music with a distinct, relentless energy.

The lineup consists of Roland Almer, whose vocals emerge from the depths of despair, commanding attention with a guttural ferocity that defines the band's sound. Helmut Hofer and Peter Tödling, on rhythm and lead guitar respectively, weave a complex tapestry of riffs that are both innovative and steeped in the traditions of death metal. Gernot Fernitz's bass lines are the thunderous heartbeat of the band, laying down a foundation that is both intricate and powerful. Behind the kit, Richard Klösch's drums serve as the driving force, propelling the band's music forward with precision and aggression.

Behind the Rails stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of straight-ahead death metal, unapologetically delivering music that bludgeons its way into the listeners' ears. For those who prefer to categorize their music, Behind the Rails fits squarely within the death metal drawer, yet they punch so vigorously through its confines that they're bound to leave a lasting mark on all who dare to listen. With their roots firmly planted in the fertile ground of Graz's metal scene, they are not merely participants but torchbearers, lighting the path for the genre's future while honoring its past.

Behind the Rails
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