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Melodic Death Metal

Unleashed from the energetic heart of Mannheim, Germany, DETHRED is a formidable force in the Melodic-Death-Metal universe. Formed in 2019, this sonic behemoth intertwines a captivating blend of aggressive melodies, spine-shattering riffs, and merciless percussions, anchored by a chilling lyrical darkness. Their distinctive horror-touched sound brings a unique flavor to the metal scene, making DETHRED an experience that hooks and enthralls.

DETHRED introduced their ominous presence with their debut release "Demonic Whispers" in 2019. A four-track artillery barrage of fierce and brooding metal, it served as a haunting testament to the band's unapologetic approach to their craft. This intense debut offered listeners a taste of their ability to masterfully blend brutality with haunting melody, setting them apart from their contemporaries.

Refusing to rest on their laurels, DETHRED fired back in 2021 with their second offering, "Nachzehrer." This five-track EP intensified their trademark sound, delivering a metal onslaught that transcends expectations. It is a resounding proclamation that DETHRED is not merely a fleeting apparition in the scene, but a relentless entity that's here to leave its indelible mark.

DETHRED, backed by Kvlt and Kaos Productions, invites you into their dark world of melody and mayhem. Brace yourself for a spine-chilling journey into the depths of melodic death metal, where every note resonates with sheer raw intensity and every lyric drips with unyielding horror. Prepare to be DETHRED.

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