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Ebony Archways


riginating from Liezen, Austria, this band has journeyed an impressive path and now stands as a shining gem in the metal genre.Founded in 1999 by musical visionaries Michel Sedaghat and Christian Lechner, their journey began as a studio project, birthing three albums from 2000 to 2008: "Passages" (2001), "Deliver me into silence" (2003), and "Beyond saturnine skies" (2006). A commendable feat, especially as these albums became so sought-after that they're now out of print.Relocating to Graz, the duo transitioned into a full-fledged band, proudly releasing their EP "Songs from the Gallows" in 2011. Three years later, they thrilled fans again with the album "Moonburnt".International acclaim was just around the corner. They rocked stages at renowned festivals like Metal on the Hill in Graz and the Metaldays in Slovenia. Their passion and energy culminated with the 2018 EP, "The Miller Sessions".With the release of the "Taurus" album in 2020, the band is currently busy at Studio 66 Gleisdorf, crafting a new masterpiece expected in Spring 2024.

Current Line-up of Ebony Archways:

Michel Sedaghat – Vocals

Christian Lechner – Guitar

Stephan Stockreiter - Guitar

Wolfram Sorgo – Bass

Thomas Kern – Drums

Selected Discography (from 2010 onwards):

2011: Songs from the Gallows (EP)

2014: Moonburnt

2018: The Miller Sessions (EP)

2020: Taurus

Connect with Ebony Archways:





Reach Out:

Christian Lechner

Waagner-Biro-Straße 141/3

A-8020 Graz

Mobile: +43 (0)699 81124620


Ebony Archways
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