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Alternative Metal

Embark on a sonic adventure with "FOⱯLI," a four-member Alternative Metal sensation hailing from the vibrant city of Leoben. This dynamic band is on the brink of electrifying the music scene with their thrilling live performances, showcasing an impressive blend of raw energy and refined musicianship.

FOⱯLI’s journey began as a solo studio project of Andreas "Foali" Fahrleitner, evolving into a full-fledged powerhouse. In 2022, they made a striking entry into the music world with their debut album "Four Seasons Of Payback," an audacious collection of tracks that boldly stand apart from the typical metal fare.

The album, a labor of love and skill, features the potent drumming of Thomas Troppacher, who infused each track with his fierce and compelling rhythms. As 2022 drew to a close, the dissolution of their former band opened a new chapter. The seasoned musicians, already well-known in the scene, united to breathe life into FOⱯLI as a live act in early 2023.

FOⱯLI promises an energetic and convincing live show, fuelled by a fresh and motivated spirit. Their music, distinct in its divergence from the mainstream metal landscape, coupled with their solid performance, offers a captivating experience both on stage and in their videos.

The band extends a warm invitation to all venues and audiences eager to experience their unique musical flair. Dive into the world of FOⱯLI and be enthralled by their distinctive sound and robust live presence. Check out their music and get a glimpse of their compelling performances through the links to their channels. Enjoy the immersive journey of sight and sound that FOⱯLI offers!

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