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Symphonic/Heavy/Progressive/Gothic/Power metal

We proudly present Hartlight, a band that embodies the quintessence of musical alchemy and magic through their art. Born from the harmonious partnership of Noémie Marie and Adrien Djouadou, Hartlight first emerged as a studio project. United by their passion for music and their shared journey through singing studies, their collaboration blossomed into both a personal and creative union. Initially, Noémie's talents in composition and lyricism complemented Adrien's prowess in arrangements, instrumental work, and production, leading to the release of captivating singles like "Victorious Heart" and "Hartlight."

The year 2022 marked a pivotal moment for Hartlight, inspired by the duo's shared admiration for Kentaro Miura's manga, Berserk. This inspiration culminated in the creation of a Power Metal EP "From Midland and Beyond".

As Hartlight journeyed through 2023, a period of reflection and creativity unfolded. They introduced "Roll the Dice," a single inspired by the game Lost in Random, signaling a shift towards more personal and introspective themes in Noémie's lyricism, exploring the realms of Alchemy, Magic, and introspection. This new direction led to the creation of "As Above, So Below," a concept album that delves deep into the mystic and enigmatic world of Alchemy and Magic. The album saw Adrien Djouadou and Noémie Marie, alongside the newly joined official guitarist Adrien Guingal, and drummer Guillaume Remih, uniting their talents to craft a work that traverses dark and mystical soundscapes, merging heavy, progressive, power, gothic, and symphonic metal into a multifaceted auditory experience.

Hartlight's latest album, "As Above, So Below," released on March 15, 2024, is a testament to their evolution as artists. With artwork by Noémie Marie and Adrien Djouadou, the album invites listeners on a journey through the depths of esotericism, guided by Noémie's powerful voice, enigmatic lyrics, and the band's dynamic compositions. From heavy riffing to solemn orchestrations, Hartlight offers an exploration into the mysteries of Alchemy, a lost art that has captivated generations.

As Hartlight prepares to bring their magical and alchemical journey to the live stage, they continue to captivate and inspire with their unique blend of metal, dedicated to reaching the heights of introspection and a better life through their music. Join us in embracing the mystical journey of Hartlight, a band not just performing music, but invoking the very essence of magic and alchemy through their art.

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