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Lost in Existence


 Coming straight outta Seville, Spain, we’ve got Lost In Existence tearing up the Metalcore scene like it's nobody's business. Formed in the crazy year of 2022, these guys are on a mission to blast their way through both the local vibe and the global stage, and let me tell you, they’re killing it!

This squad rolls deep with five epic members who bring the heat every single time. Leading the charge is Fern, the voice of the band, who also shreds on rhythm guitar like a boss. Then there's Selu, the lead guitar virtuoso, dropping riffs that are straight fire. Migue's on bass, laying down those sick grooves that hit you right in the chest, while Airon on the drums is the heartbeat of the band, keeping everyone in line with his killer beats. And can’t forget Jesus, the man behind the backing vocals and keys, adding that extra layer of awesomeness to everything they do.

Lost In Existence isn’t just about the music; it’s a whole vibe. They’ve got this unique mix of hardcore energy and melodic madness that’ll get you hooked from the first note. They’re all about diving deep into the feels, tackling everything from the chaos of existence to those insane moments of clarity and triumph that just scream to be turned into headbanging anthems.

And guess what? Kvlt und Kaos Productions saw the fire in these guys and just had to jump on board. We’re stoked to have Lost In Existence in our lineup, bringing their explosive energy and raw talent to the world stage. They’re not just playing music; they’re setting the scene on fire, proving that the new kids on the block are here to stay and slay.

So, get ready to dive into the mosh pit of life with Lost In Existence. Follow their journey, blast their tracks, and join the revolution. This is Metalcore, but not as you know it. This is the sound of the new generation, and it’s freaking unstoppable.

Lost in Existence
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