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Paranoid Existence

Blackened Doom metal

Welcome to the electrifying world of Paranoid Existence, a one-man powerhouse band founded by the multi-talented Emerson Mordien (bass and vocals) in 2018. Originally conceived as a Grind Crust project, Emerson released two split records, only to reimagine the band's musical direction in 2023 as a Doom Black Metal outfit.

In this latest iteration, Emerson has enlisted the creative force of drummer and producer Niko Teixeira to record drums, mix, and master the tracks, while continuing to perform as a one-man band. Emerson's ambition is to share his distinctive music and style with audiences across the globe, performing at as many venues as possible.

Reinvigorated in 2023, Paranoid Existence is now primed to embark on tours throughout Europe and Latin America, offering even more opportunities for artistic expression. The first album in this new chapter, titled "Drakaina," pays homage to the epithet of Goddess Hekate's Serpent-Dragon.

"Drakaina" delves deep into the pursuit of self-knowledge, guiding listeners on a transformative journey through their inner darkness. This introspective voyage aims to heighten awareness of one's abilities, learn from our fears, and acquire the knowledge necessary for a more balanced life. Featuring six mesmerizing tracks penned by Emerson Mordien, "Drakaina" will be released in Europe, Argentina, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Embrace the thrilling sounds of Paranoid Existence and join us on this unforgettable journey of self-discovery and musical innovation!

Paranoid Existence
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