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Blackened Doom Metal

Emerging from the icy depths of Iceland, where winter darkness clutches at the soul, comes Pthumulhu – a creation born from the shadows of the Icelandic metal scene.

This Black/Doom act, formed in 2022, is the sinister brainchild of seasoned warriors of the metallic arts. Each member, shaped by their past in an array of Black, Death, and Doom Metal bands, felt an unquenchable thirst: to craft a sound heavier and darker than anything before. Pthumulhu was the inevitable answer to this dark call.

After their mighty live manifestations at select festivals and shows, the band ventured to D.G. of Mispyrming to record and produce their debut opus, "Tungumál Svarthola." This album is a 42-minute behemoth of crushing, raw blackened Doom Metal. It echoes the language of black holes, a symphony of the universe's rumblings, and chaotic energy amalgamated into a form of music that is barely conceivable.

Driven by the urge to share this monstrous creation with the world, Pthumulhu joined the Kvlt family. Together, we now unleash their cosmic terror doom, spreading far beyond the confines of Earth. Prepare yourself for a journey into the abyss of the cosmos, where each note drags you deeper into darkness. Pthumulhu is not just a band – they are heralds of a new era of dread, messengers of an unstoppable doom-laden mystery.

Welcome to the realm of Pthumulhu, presented by Kvlt und Kaos Productions.

Endless darkness does not await you – it is already here.

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