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Reek of Death

Old School Death Thrash

Formed in the rustic setting of Gasthaus Koschir Fritz in Bärnbach, "Reek of Death" emerged in May 2002, founded by Gsputi on guitar and Dani on drums. The band quickly became notorious within the metal community, carving out a cult status through electrifying gigs that distilled the essence of old school death metal with a hefty dose of thrash.

After a period of dormancy from autumn 2008 to summer 2018, during which Gsputi kept the riffs alive in the rehearsal room, "Reek of Death" roared back to life in the spring of 2018. The current lineup features the dynamic presence of Carry on vocals, adding a unique dimension to their sound, alongside Gsputi and Georg on guitars, Wolf on bass, and Flo hammering the drums.

A pillar in the metal scene, "Reek of Death" continues to honor the raw, unpolished spirit of early death metal, delivering bone-crushing performances that resonate with fans of the genre. Their music is a relentless assault on the senses, ensuring that the legacy of thrash-infused death metal thrives in the modern era. Experiencing this quintet live is an absolute must for any metal enthusiast, as they bring an unparalleled intensity to every performance.

Reek of Death
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