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Death Metal

Emerging from the darkest abyss with the echoing resonance of heavy guitar riffs and the deathly pound of modern drums, SARDONIC wields their unyielding German verses as instruments of malevolence. Their essence, drenched in the blood and terror of Horror Death Metal, exists to petrify their audience, rooting them to the spot in sheer horror.

Influenced by the cryptic whispers of Old-School Death and Black Metal, the four harbingers of doom in SARDONIC seamlessly intertwine this with the shrieks of the modern Core. The outcome? A diabolic cacophony that reverberates with pure, unadulterated malice.

Their German incantations, a foreboding hymn of the times, unveil the grotesqueries of this age without remorse. Unrestrained and merciless, they uncover the deepest, darkest secrets of our world, and their malevolent verses might just be potent enough to summon unspeakable horrors from beyond.

Every unsuspecting soul is invited into their chilling mausoleum of Horror Death Metal, where escape is but a distant dream. Venture forth and let SARDONIC's chilling grasp pull you deeper into their realm of nightmares. But be warned: once ensnared, there's no turning back.

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