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Freeride Black Metal

Emerging from the enigmatic realms of Slovenia, Snøgg is a black metal duo that transcends the ordinary. Formed in the twilight of 2013 by Ulv (Matej Voglar) and Mørke (Grega Cestnik), Snøgg is not just a band, but a portal to a world where darkness and art converge. Their unique style, known as "freeride black metal," is a testament to their unfettered artistic vision, embracing a plethora of dark, extreme, and unconventional elements.

Ulv, the master of guitars, keyboards, vocals, and rituals, alongside Mørke, the sorcerer of drums and spells, creates a symphony that is both haunting and mesmerizing. Snøgg's music is an alchemical mixture of raw black metal with avant-garde influences, where each note and beat is infused with a sense of mystic exploration.

Their live performances are legendary for their unpredictability and raw energy. Snøgg believes in the power of spontaneity, ensuring that no two shows are ever the same. This penchant for improvisation and experimentation sets them apart in the black metal scene. Their stage often becomes a gathering of like-minded souls, with up to seven guests joining them, as witnessed in their previous album "Abeloth."

Snøgg is more than a band; they are a journey into the unknown, a ritualistic experience that leaves audiences spellbound and transformed. As part of the Kvlt und Kaos Productions family, Snøgg invites you to partake in their mystical odyssey, where each chord and chant is a step deeper into the enigmatic abyss of their musical universe. Join us, and let the darkness embrace you.

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