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Black Death Metal

Emerging from the shadowy realms of the metal genre, "SOREM" weaves the ferocity of blackened death metal with influences reminiscent of titans like Behemoth, Naglfar, and Dark Funeral. Yet, they break away from the archetype, incorporating groovy undertones akin to Immortal and Belphegor. However, what truly sets SOREM apart is their infusion of Indonesian ethnic tones, introducing a unique darkness that envelops listeners, plunging them into an eerie, otherworldly soundscape.

Thematically rooted in the bhairawa tantra and the ancient paganism of Southeast Asia, SOREM paints a vivid tapestry of tales from a time long forgotten. Their sound exudes a dark aura distinct from typical black metal, yet it remains authentic to its core essence. Dive into the enigma that is SOREM, and let the ancient chants and guttural riffs guide you through the abyss of their musical narrative.

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