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Groove Death

SunBorn is a metal band hailing from southern Styria in Austria, founded in 2012 by Mario Suchy on drums and clean vocals, Sebastian Schweighart on guitars and gutturals, and Nico Mittendrein on bass guitar. Their first EP, Liberate, was released in late 2016 after several years of refining their skills and performing live shows.

Despite numerous lineup changes, SunBorn remained undeterred and released their first full-length studio album, Imperishable, in 2021. The album features Sebastian Schweighart on guitar and vocals, Mario Suchy on guitars and clean vocals, Olivier Ouimet and Flo Plochel on drums, and Nico Mittendrein on bass guitar, although Nico's departure was announced during the Covid crisis and the band had to regroup.

In November 2021, Daniel Moritsch joined the band on guitars, Mario Suchy returned to the drums, and Mario Logar became the band's bassist in April 2022, completing the lineup.

SunBorn's music generally falls within the realm of Groove and Death Metal, with influences from subgenres of Core and Tech elements. However, they constantly play with and transcend genre boundaries, defining themselves simply as metal and preferring not to limit themselves through caste thinking.

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