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Black Metal

"Verhinderer", a one-of-a-kind solo Black Metal project, finds its roots in the vibrant music scene of Leipzig. Established in the spring of 2023 by "Bettler", Verhinderer began as a vision born of deep-seated passion.

In the winter of 2022, characterized from the onset by an intriguing blend of nonchalance and inexperience, Bettler has made these two elements his personal credo, ingraining them into the essence of his project.

Verhinderer is a sincere homage to Black Metal, interweaved with Bettler's personal themes, his light-hearted approach, and fervent passion for this genre of music. All the while, Bettler aims for continuous musical evolution and the perfection of his craft.

All recordings are home-made, authentic reflections of Bettler's creative vision. True to his values, Verhinderer stands for music accessibility. It's about art, expression, and a deep connection with the realm of Black Metal.

Verhinderer invites you to embark on a journey into the unexplored territories of Black Metal, marked by passion, insouciance, and an ever-present desire to expand one's knowledge and skills. Welcome to the world of Verhinderer.

It is a unique project that respects and revels in the seriousness of Black Metal, while infusing it with a light-hearted approach, uniquely Bettler's. Injecting humor into the mix, Verhinderer shatters any traditional box that might confine the genre, offering a fresh take that interweaves laughter, wit, and the raw intensity of Black Metal. It's a melodious joke that bites, it's a jovial plunge into the serious depths of Black Metal.

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